Meet Your Customers Where They Are

Accept Payments Anywhere

Whether you are an in-home service provider or find yourself at a farmers market, trade show, or a pop-up shop, you need a reliable, secure way to accept payments from anywhere, at any time. Our mobile app does just that – with or without internet access.

Simply Run Your Business Anywhere

Today’s environment requires agility. Give yourself the competitive advantage with Clearent by Xplor’s mobile capabilities. Using just your mobile device and a simple Bluetooth enabled card reader, you can securely accept payments anytime, anywhere.

Accept Payments Anywhere

Get paid sooner and keep cash flowing with our Bluetooth-enabled card reader that lets you accept payments in-store, at a job site or on the go.

Customers can swipe, dip or tap their card to make a payment.

No Internet? No Problem.

Never miss a sale. With offline mode you still accept payments, even in areas with poor or no cell service.

Transactions are securely stored and then processed later when you have better reception.

Manage Your Business
On the Go

Drill down into transactions, batches and fees and easily process voids and refunds from anywhere your business takes you.

Offset Processing Fees

Offset your credit card processing fees with Dual Pricing. Reduce credit card processing fees 75-95% and reduce customer confusion by automatically showing the card and cash price.

Seriously Secure

Rest easy knowing your customers’ data is secure. Data is not stored within the app. Sensitive information is protected with advanced tools like tokenization and PCI-Validated Point-to-Point Encryption.