Our industry-leading marketing growth suite is a seamless SaaS integration that provides an all-in-one marketing suite so you can expand your software offering to another level. Powered through a simple data integration, we can drive growth, enhance customer satisfaction, and make your vertical SaaS offering truly stand out in the market.

Features to love.

✔ Email Marketing

✔ Automated Campaigns

✔ Forms & Surveys

✔ Landing Pages

✔ Waivers

✔ Sales Process & CRM

✔ Feedback & NPS

✔ Auto & Two Way SMS

✔ Device-as-a-Service

✔ White-labeled Solution

We also have a unique “child + guardian” data model for businesses that serve children and families.

How does it work?

1. Native Data Integration APIs

When our system needs data, we will pass back the user selections and you pass back the list of users that meet that criteria. This gives your business full control over the depth of automation without us becoming the bottleneck.

2. Ability to SSO for smooth log-ins

A seamless user experience is everything. Single Sign On maintains a smooth experience by giving your users easy login access with the same credentials they use to access your SaaS solution.

3. Rebranding our platform with yours

With a simple integration and our platform re-themed to fit your brand, we can maintain a true white-label solution that will increase the value of your software offering while helping merchant's reach new heights.

What makes our solution so special?

We go way beyond simple fields to allow any type of segmentation and automation triggering.

Our Native Data Integration API makes calls to the integrator when data is needed. This allows our system to remain in sync and unblocks deeper automation and more value to your merchants.

In-Depth Onboarding

We white-glove onboard and set up of all initial automations for each of your customers, taking weight off of your shoulders and providing a tailored experience that enables product usage.

On-Going Support

Worried about support? We’ve got you covered ensuring users are covered from in-depth onboarding, ongoing assistance, to industry-specific best practices.

Guiding Best Practices

We provide research efforts for each of our partners, taking the time to get to know your solution and helping you build best in class templates specific to your industry.