Flexible Solutions & Revenue Focused Support

A successful partnership starts with ensuring a seamless and hassle-free integration process. That's why we offer integration support and a comprehensive UI that manages crucial flows and end-to-end customizations, making your integration experience as smooth as possible.

Features Users Will Love

Cash Discount & Surcharging

When enabled, users can leverage Dual Pricing or Surcharging programs to reduce credit card processing fees by 75-95%.

Offline Processing Mode

Ensure merchants never miss a transaction again. Offline Mode allows card data to be stored for processing when better internet connection is available.

Tips & Signature Capture

Merchants are able to accept tips & capture signatures helping to prevent fraud and chargebacks.

Enhance Your Apps Payment Experience

Tailor your users payment experience with customizable UI elements and transaction flows.

Hosted & Customizable Modals

Leverage our mobile SDK with or without hosted modals. Our modals can be fully customized including fonts, colors, background, and buttons to better match your mobile app design.

Card Reader & Bluetooth Management

Our solution can manage bluetooth enabled card readers, pairing, the reader list and list priority, and reader naming conventions. If you want to build the logic on your own, you can do that too!

Data Accessibility

Clearent’s Reporting APIs allow ISVs to quickly offer a robust in-app reporting experience comparable to a POS solution. ISVs can also design and build their own reporting structures.

  • Keeps your app out of PCI scope

Transaction Management

ISVs can leverage additional APIs to help users quickly perform transaction maintenance such as voids and refunds to complement their overall payment experience.

  • Keeps your app out of PCI scope

Features Users Will Love

Collect Payments Anywhere

With our proprietary Payment Gateway developer-friendly SDK and APIs you can offer a seamless user experience with the latest technology for mobile processing.

Secure Payment Technology

Our layered security approach includes PCI-validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE), Cloud EMV technologies, and tokenization. Helping keep transactions secure.

Development Support

We know how important it is to get up and running quickly. That’s why we offer simple solutions, clear documentation, and dedicated integration support.