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Cash Discounting & Surcharging Programs

Lower Your Credit Card Processing Fees

Our cash discounting and surcharging programs are a simple way for merchants to offset credit card processing fees – resulting in real profits!

We Have Options to Fit All Your Needs

Our program was built with flexibility in mind – offering four ways for merchants to share credit card processing fees with customers.

Cash Discount with Dual Pricing

A Cash Discount is when businesses offer a discount from listed price to customers who pay by cash, check or store-branded gift card, instead of with a credit or debit card. Dual pricing is when both list and cash prices for items are shown.

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Surcharges are fees that are added to the cost of the purchase for the convenience of using a credit card. Businesses must follow additional steps to be in compliance with card brand regulations.

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Convenience Fees

Convenience Fees are charged for the convenience of payment through an alternative payment channel.

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Service Fees

Service Fees are added by merchants in specific government and education merchant category codes (MCCs).

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Keep More Profits

$144 million per year

Clearent customers' projected savings in credit card processing fees

$13,000 per year

Merchants' average savings with Clearent's Empower Program