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Clearent is your partner for payments.

Wherever and however you accept payments, we have solutions to ensure that your business is paid quickly and securely – without hidden fees. We built our own payment technology from the ground up so that we could deliver on our promises: 

  • Securely take payments from anywhere
  • No hidden fees and transparent pricing
  • Fast payment processing with Next Day Funding
  • Accept all card types, all ways – swipe cards, chip cards and mobile wallets

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We've got your back.

Founded in 2005, we built Clearent from the ground up to be a different kind of payment processor. Since our very beginnings, our commitment to quality, transparency and unwavering customer service are the basis for everything that we do.

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Our goal is to make you more profitable. We deliver innovative payment solutions, credit card processing with no hidden fees, fast funding and ultimate visibility into your transaction data.

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