Solutions to grow your business

  • Developer-friendly payment API
  • Pre-certified EMV solutions
  • PCI PA-DSS scope removal
  • Seamless experience across channels
  • Layered Security-Tokenization, Point-to-Point Encryption, EMV, PCI Compliance
  • Wide selection of payment devices
Matt Niehaus, CEO, Instore
-Matt Niehaus, CEO, Instore

Solutions That Use the Latest Security Standards and Technology

emv chip card terminal

The Fast Path to EMV

Our pre-certified EMV solution prevents you from having to endure lengthy EMV certifications with multiple hardware and software vendors. With our semi-integrated EMV solution, you can streamline the EMV migration process and save time and money.

chip card technology

Help your merchants increase sales with a faster, more secure checkout experience

Clearent is one of the first adopters of the latest Quick Chip technology for EMV that reduces chip card transaction processing times from 15 seconds to 2 seconds. And you can choose from a variety of payment devices.

breach prevention safe

PCI-Validated P2PE - Protect sensitive cardholder data

PCI-validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) protects sensitive card data in flight and keeps it encrypted as it moves through the payment system, which makes the data worthless in the event of a breach.

credit card security

Tokenization - Securely store cardholder information for future use

Tokenization can be used to replace sensitive card data with a token that is used for future purchases across all devices. Data is stored in Clearent’s secure card vault and reduces the ISV’s and merchant’s PCI scope because they are not storing sensitive card information. With recurring payments, your merchants can automate repeat payments or run ad hoc transactions without having to re-enter cardholder information.

Removes ISV from PCI PA-DSS scope

Our pre-certified EMV solution is PCI compliant, therefore the ISV’s solution does not need to be. It can potentially remove the ISV from PCI scope altogether. For your merchants, this reduces their PCI scope, making compliance faster, easier and less expensive.

delivering superior customer service

Receive the attention and support a true partner deserves

Your dedicated relationship manager at Clearent will be available to help you navigate any issue or opportunity. Your relationship manager will connect you with members of Clearent’s development, product management and marketing teams. With our teams behind you, integration is fast and easy.

Add a substantial recurring revenue stream

As a referral partner, you submit merchant leads to Clearent and we handle the sales, onboarding and ongoing customer service for their merchant account. This allows you to spend time on what you do best and leave payments to us. As your merchants’ transaction volume grows, so will your revenue.

Choose from a wide range of payment devices

We offer payment devices from leading manufacturers. Allow your customers to choose the device’s connection type such as dial, internet, wifi, GPRS or Bluetooth. And allow them to choose the features they need such as contactless payments like Apple Pay and signature capture, among others.

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