Reporting APIs

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Merchant & Partner Reporting

We know simplified reporting is crucial in business operations for both our merchants and for our partners. Without an integrated solution, reconciliation can be costly from time spent doing double transaction entry and human errors.

Our robust API empowers businesses to monitor transactions, generate reports, and streamline their accounting processes, all while ensuring top-notch security.

Plus, we provide our partners with tools to monitor their entire portfolio.

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Financial Transparency

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Simplified Reconciliation

Provide full transparency within your software to allow merchants to track transactions from start to finish.

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Funding Reports

Quick access to batches and funding reports so merchants can stay on top of cash flow.

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Powerful Online Tools

Our suite of online reporting tools provides merchants all the tools needed to manage their merchant services account anywhere and everywhere.

Partnership Transparency

A core part of Clearent’s foundation is transparency. We’ve spent time building out portfolio reporting and processes that ensure partners have a clear picture of their portfolio.

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Access to over 20 portfolio reports that provide deep insights into your user base.

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Revenue transparency with detailed residual reports.

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Complete transparency through the life of the partnership.

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Ready to transform payment reporting for your users?

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