How ISOs Can Ensure Success in 2020 & Beyond

Recently Mark Passifione, vice president of partner sales at Clearent, participated in the Southeast Acquirers Association’s Virtual Sessions. Check out our latest blog post for 5 tips on how to create a profitable niche by partnering with ISVs as their trusted advisor and partner for all things payments.

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Mark Passifione

Mark Passifione

VP, Partner Sales

Mark has 20 years of experience in integrated payments, PCI compliance and information technology. As Clearent’s VP of Partner Sales, he oversees the company’s indirect channels, which include ISO and ISV relationships. His team works closely with partners to determine the best way they can leverage Clearent’s integrated solutions to grow their business. Before joining the Clearent team, Mark was SVP, Enterprise Sales at CardConnect and also previously served as the President of Intrix Technology. Inc.

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