In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, independent software vendors (ISVs) must stay ahead of the curve to maintain a competitive edge. Clearent by Xplor is excited to unveil its Integrated Marketing Growth Suite, a groundbreaking solution designed to elevate your software offering with a seamless SaaS integration that provides a comprehensive marketing suite, powered through a streamlined data integration. 

Email Marketing and More: A Comprehensive Suite for ISVs

The Integrated Marketing Growth Suite is where data meets marketing with built-in automation. It’s designed to help you succeed by driving growth, enhancing customer experience, and differentiating your ISV offering to stand out in the market. The suite offers a range of features, including email marketing, automated campaigns, forms + surveys, landing pages, waivers, sales process + CRM, feedback + NPS, auto + two-way SMS, device-as-a-service, all packaged in a white-labeled solution to champion your brand. It also boasts a unique “child + guardian” data model for businesses that interact with children. 

How Does Integrated Marketing Growth Suite Work?

Native Data Integration APIs

When our system needs data, we will pass back the user selections and you pass back the list of users that meet that criteria. This gives your business full control over the depth of automation without us becoming the bottleneck. 

Ability for SSO Creating a Seamless Login Experience

A seamless user experience is everything. Single Sign On maintains a smooth experience by giving your users easy login access with the same credentials they use to access your SaaS solution. 

Retheming Our Platform with Your Branding

With a simple integration and our platform re-themed to fit your brand, we can maintain a true white-label solution that will increase the value of your software offering while helping merchant’s reach new heights. 

7 Reasons to Offer Our Integrated Marketing Growth Suite

1. Evolving Consumer Expectations

Consumers today expect personalized, seamless experiences. An Integrated Marketing Growth Suite allows you to provide targeted marketing campaigns, personalized content, and real-time engagement, through a variety of channels including email and text. Our solution helps you meet the evolving needs, providing your customers and prospective customers with an enhanced overall customer experience. 

2. Empowering Your Merchants

Merchants are looking for tools that allow them to reach their customers more effectively. By integrating a marketing suite, you provide them with powerful analytics, automation, and engagement tools that enable them to grow their business. Taking it a step further, our solution is driven by native data and support that ensures your merchants are set up for success when using the solution. Leveraging a CRM can be a daunting task for small business owners. Our team will help build email templates specific to your industry’s best practices so that your users are enabled to leverage the platform. 

3. Ability to Increase Your Wallet Share

In a crowded market, differentiation is key and building a solution of this magnitude is no easy or cheap task. Rather than adding this solution to your already jam-packed product roadmap, let us do the work for you,  providing a much simpler way for you to set software apart from competitors and add instant value to your product. 

4. White Label Branding

White labeling is a powerful strategy used by many ISVs. It involves one company producing a service or product, which other companies rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it. In the electronics industry, for example, a white label manufacturer might produce a mobile device that is then sold under many different brand names.  

Our white label solution allows you to put your own branding on our services. With a simple integration and our platform re-themed to fit your brand, we maintain a true white-label solution that will increase the value of your software offering while helping merchants reach new heights. 

5. Enhanced ISV Customer Experience

The Integrated Marketing Growth Suite is not just about providing new services, it’s also about enhancing your customers’ experience and giving them the tools to grow. With our suite, you get access to a range of powerful marketing tools, all under your own brand that will help users run their businesses in the most effective way possible helping them welcome new customers, market their products + services and gather feedback to supercharge their businesses. 

6. Added Economic Revenue Streams

In addition to payment monetization streams, adding this simple integration into your roadmap creates new levers for you to increase your revenue opportunities. 

7. Scalable Growth

As your clients grow and consumer expectations change, their needs will change. Our Integrated Marketing Growth Suite is scalable and adaptable, ensuring that you continue to meet the needs of your clients as they expand and their consumers. Plus, like all of our solutions, we are constantly looking to stay ahead of the trends through product enhancements.  

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Article by Clearent by Xplor

First published: August 11 2023

Last updated: April 17 2024