With Clearent on your side, you’ll have fast, easy access to the tools that matter most. No matter where you are, you can access our suite of payment and reporting tools from any device.

We make reconciling easy, and deliver a unique level of transparency in the payments industry. This means you get a clear view of your transactions, batches, fees, and funds, as well as access to historical information to guide the growth of your business and so much more.

Help Your Business Thrive

Merchant Home goes beyond reporting. All of the tools you need to effectively run your business are in one convenient location.

Key information is delivered right to your fingertips so you can clearly see every transaction and fee, process refunds, adjust tips, manage chargebacks, PCI compliance and more.

It’s your one-stop shop for all of your payment and reporting needs.

Merchant Home

Save Valuable Time

  • Save time with convenient self-service tools
  • Access clear, detailed statements & tax forms
  • Reset your password
  • Change your banking information
  • Verify your business information to help prevent backup withholding from the IRS
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Understand What You’re Paying

  • Clearly see every transaction & fee
  • Drill down into batches & deposits
  • Easy-to-read reports and monthly statements deliver true transparency
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Easily Answer Customer Questions

  • Transactions are posted daily so you have access to the information that your customers need, when they need it
  • Fast access means that you can provide a higher level of customer service & build more loyal relationships
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Manage Chargebacks

  • Chargebacks can be time consuming to deal with and chip away at your profits
  • Easily track, manage and respond to chargebacks
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Update PCI Compliance

  • Easily understand your compliance status
  • Take the necessary steps to protect your business and your customers
  • Access your annual PCI questionnaire
  • Schedule & run any required scans
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