Our ISO program comes with a promise

  • Everything you need from one provider
  • Semi-integrated solutions
  • Reliable and friendly customer service
  • Merchant approvals within hours, not days
  • Sign merchants from anywhere with E-Signature
  • Full access to transaction data
-Brian, Independent Sales Organization in the Midwest

Grow and Retain Your Portfolio

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Get on the Fast Path to EMV with Semi-Integrated Solutions

Our turnkey integration prevents you and your customers from having to endure lengthy EMV certifications with multiple hardware and software vendors. With our semi-integrated EMV solution, an easy integration is all that’s needed to streamline the EMV migration process and save time and money.

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Direct Access to Clearent Team Leads

Your dedicated Relationship Manager will ensure you get direct access to key leaders within Clearent. You can speak directly with underwriting, equipment, product development, etc.

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Help Your Merchants Increase Sales With a Faster, More Secure Checkout Experience

An EMV card reader can take your business to the next level through improved customer service by offering fast and secure checkouts. With Quick Chip EMV card readers, chip card transaction times are reduced from 15 seconds to 2 seconds, dramatically speeding up customer wait times and improving the overall checkout experience for your staff and customers.

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Protect Sensitive Cardholder Data and Reduce Your PCI Scope

With security features such as Tokenization and PCI-validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE), you and your merchants can reduce PCI scope and make compliance easier and less expensive. Tokenization can be used to replace sensitive card data at rest with a token that is used for future purchases. Data is stored in Clearent’s secure card vault and reduces PCI scope for you and your merchants because the system is not storing sensitive card information. P2PE protects sensitive card data in flight and keeps it encrypted as it moves through the payment system, which makes the data worthless in the event of a breach.


Minimize Attrition by Having Access to Data

Get access to data about multiple aspects of your customers’ accounts through our API. This way your operations team can handle customer service requests and questions from your customers.


Promote Your Brand With Our Co-Branded Program

We understand that growing your business and building your brand go hand in hand. Add your logo to merchant statements and Compass, our online portal. And marketing to merchants is easy thanks to our co-branded collateral that you can customize with your logo and contact information.

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Get the Support and Attention You Deserve

Clearent has the flexibility and agility of a smaller company with the efficiencies of a large one. Our partners tell us it’s the best of both worlds. They also say that our Customer Support team is refreshingly helpful and genuinely…nice. Maybe it’s our Midwestern roots.

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