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A gateway to accepting all payment types, all the time.

Card security

Protect Sensitive Cardholder Data

Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) protects sensitive card data in flight and keeps it encrypted as it moves through the payment system, which makes the data worthless in the event of a breach.

Securely Store Cardholder Information for Future Use

Tokenization replaces sensitive card data with a token that is used for future purchases. Data is stored in Clearent’s secure card vault and reduces the software vendor’s and merchant’s PCI scope because they are not storing sensitive card information. With Recurring Payments, your customers can automate repeat payments or run ad hoc transactions without having to re-enter cardholder information.

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Removes Software Vendor from PCI PA-DSS Scope

Our semi-integrated EMV solution is PCI compliant, therefore the the software vendor’s solution does not need to be. It could potentially take the software vendor out of scope for PCI altogether. For your customers, this reduces their PCI scope, making compliance faster, easier and less expensive, because sensitive cardholder data is not stored or transmitted on their systems.

Get Faster Access to Unique Products and Services

We own our own technology – Horizon Processing Engine, Quest Payment Gateway and Compass Online Reporting Tool – and have a strong software development team to support it. Because our teams practice agile project and product management, we can implement product upgrades and changes quickly and efficiently to ensure you always have the latest payments and security technologies within reach. That’s why we were among the first processors to offer Quick Chip for EMV, a solution that reduces chip card transaction processing times from 15 seconds to 2 seconds.

Get the Support and Attention You Deserve

Clearent has the flexibility and agility of a smaller company with the efficiencies of a large company. Our partners tell us it’s the best of both worlds. They also say that our Customer Support team is refreshingly helpful and genuinely…nice. Maybe it’s our Midwestern roots.

Ensure that your quest is a profitable one.

We own our technology and are committed to arming you with industry-leading solutions and unprecedented access to data and reporting. Sell omnichannel with confidence.

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