Why do B2B businesses work with Clearent & PayTrace?

  • To Save on Interchange Fees
  • To Save Time on Manual Data Entry
  • Streamlined Workflow with Integrated Partnerships
  • You won’t find better service for payment software anywhere else.

B2B Platform to Lower Your Credit Card Fees

What is Interchange Optimization?

Those in the B2B payments space are paying interchange – a rate charged by banks to cover the cost of handling and risk involved with these transactions.  By providing more data, you can reduce the bank’s risk – allowing them to lower the fees they charge you.   Providing that data is exactly what the Clearent & PayTrace partnership can do for you.

Using AI to Reduce Credit Card Fees

To optimize interchange rates, data fields are required while taking payment. Without the correct and complete data fields you will receive the higher rate. PayTrace uses artificial intelligence to identify the data fields required to qualify as a Level II or Level III transaction – providing a lower rate and lower merchant processing fees.

How Much Are Our B2B Customers Saving?

Interchange optimization can save B2B merchants thousands of dollars every year.   In fact, Clearent customers are projected to save $35M per year in credit card processing costs.

Reinvest In Your Business

Clearent merchants are regularly reinvesting their credit card processing savings back into their businesses. Need new equipment?  Would you like to hire more employees?  Need more inventory?  The possibilities are endless.

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