Our promise to you

  • Fast funding
  • Quick & easy approval process
  • Opportunity to grow your business

Inside Merchant Cash Advance

Fast Funding

No more waiting weeks to get money that you need today. With an established Clearent merchant account, you can receive funds as early as the very next business day.

Quick and Easy Approval Process

You don’t need to spend days or weeks compiling information and paperwork to get approved for a loan. You have better things to do. We get it. That’s why the application process is quick and easy.

Grow Your Business

Funds are available to use as you see fit to fulfill your business’ needs – fill inventory orders, upgrade equipment, expand your business, etc.

Monthly Statements You Can Actually Understand

If your current merchant statement seems vague, you could be missing out on how much you’re actually paying. We believe that vague = misleading. That’s why we keep our statements simple and clear. We don’t believe in hidden fees or pricing tricks, and our merchant statement proves it.

Take the Next Step

Seeing is believing, so what are you waiting for? You’re just a step away from waking up tomorrow with the cash advance you need.

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