Our promise to you

  • Receive funds faster
  • Accept checks anywhere
  • Lower fees
  • “Worry free” guarantee
  • Wide array of echeck and ACH services
  • Transparent pricing

Inside our ACH & Check Processing

Accept Checks Anywhere

Accept echecks and ACH just like credit cards – in-person, over the phone and online. You can also set up repeat payments.

Faster Funds

Electronic check conversion (echeck) allows you to accept payments and deposit them directly into your account without a trip to the bank, saving you time and accelerating cash flow.

Even More Ways to Get Paid

Clearent offers a wide variety of electronic check and ACH services, including check conversion, guarantee, remote deposit capture and ACH debit.

Monthly Statements You Can Actually Understand

If your current merchant statement seems vague, you could be missing out on how much you’re actually paying. We believe that vague = misleading. That’s why we keep our statements simple and clear. We don’t believe in hidden fees or pricing tricks, and our merchant statement proves it.

Take the Next Step

If you don’t accept echecks and ACH, it’s time to ask yourself - why not?

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