Kiosk Giving For Churches & Nonprofits - What It Is and How To Sell It

Abigail Schulz


Kiosk giving for churches is in high demand. Churches and even nonprofits are looking for alternate ways to easily ask their donor bases to give. If they don't, they could risk losing them and their financial support. Many churches and nonprofits have tried quick fixes such as PayPal. But nonprofit administration professionals are becoming more educated on their options. They need more than a PayPal button. Their organization needs a full merchant account that connects to a fundraising software platform.

And this is where you come in and can easily be their merchant processing solution. You can not only walk into a sales meeting and crush a church or nonprofits' current rates and fees, but you can also offer more features and functionality. One such functionality that is in high demand is kiosk giving for churches and nonprofits with an Offering Kiosk, which is a stand-alone "terminal" specifically for churches and nonprofits, such as the one available through Continue to Give.

What is an Offering Kiosk?

The Offering Kiosk is a donation app designed to make the giving process easy, increase giving for the organization, and be convenient for a donor to give using their credit or debit card. The best part about this software, besides the fact it hooks into your merchant accounts, is that it's app-based. So this means a church or nonprofit simply downloads the "Offering Kiosk" app to their iPad, secures the iPad in a metal stand and starts accepting donations from it wherever the kiosk is placed. They key for any organization is consistent giving through recurring donations, and that is why the presence of the offering kiosk actually increases giving in many nonprofits.

How does kiosk giving for church tithing & nonprofits work?

Continue to Give's offering kiosk has two modes: Point of Sale and Giving Mode. The Point of Sale mode allows for quick transactions. Just type in an amount, swipe the card, and transaction complete.

Church offering kiosk

The Giving Mode offers more functionality. In this mode, a donor can simply walk up to the kiosk and choose what designation their donation will be, for example either their tithe or maybe a capital campaign. Then the donor can choose if they would like this donation to be one time only or if they would like to make the donation recurring on a set schedule. Emails are required in the donation process so that receipts are emailed right after the transaction and a profile is created for the donor with a login for later use.

How is Reporting and Receipting Handled?

Every time a donor makes a transaction they will get an emailed receipt with all the tax deductible wording they need in order to use the receipt for tax purposes. The donor will also get a log in to a portal where they can manage their payment methods, make more donations, and look at their giving history with stored receipts. In addition, the church or nonprofit will also receive detailed reports. They can see who has given, first and last name, and also what they designated their transactions for, such as tithes or capital campaigns.

Does this software have other features?

Yes! The Offering Kiosk is just one part of Continue to Give's online giving software. The organization will also get their own online donation app for their website, giver's app, mobile fundraising, missionary support, virtual terminal, crowdfunding, and much more.

The entire software package is available for a simple monthly software subscription with no setup fees and no transaction costs. This makes pricing easy and transparent for your merchant to understand.

Want to learn more about Continue to Give's Offering Kiosk? Get started by downloading this flyer that you can co-brand with your logo, name, and contact information.