3 Simple Ways to Get The ”Edge” On Your Competition By Future Proofing Your Payments

Hudson Newton


Payment processing is an essential part of managing your business. For some businesses, like field service, the ability to accept mobile payments in the field enables you to pay your employees faster and fund your equipment for future jobs.

FieldEdge and Clearent recently partnered with PYMNTS.com for a webinar focused on the difficulties of integrating mobile payments, and how FieldEdge has incorporated a future-proof payments integration that keeps its customers ahead of their competitors. COO of Clearent, Jeff Zimmerman, sat down with FieldEdge's VP of Research and Development, Eric Rausin, to discuss the future of mobile transactions.

Click here to read the full article from FieldEdge including Jeff and Eric's three tips to get the ”edge” on your competition and ensure your payments integration is preparing you for the future.