Agility And Flexibility: The Key Elements In A Profitable Partnership

Jeff Zimmerman


When it comes to a relationship between an independent software vendor and a tech developer, agility is not just a basic quality to look for in a partner — it's an essential one.

Agile often refers to agile software development, a well-known set of values and principles that encourages a collaborative approach to refine requirements and solutions. However, being agile is a mindset as much as it is a software development methodology. Agility suggests the developer is flexible, responsive, and committed to building relationships and rapport. Within this framework, a tech product is constantly being tested, improved, and iterated systematically. When a product flaw is identified, agile companies are able to pivot and readjust without disrupting the project as a whole.

Developers who value agile development do so by looking at products through a problem-oriented lens. They focus on finding practical and actionable solutions to everyday problems. Thus, any product developed in an agile space often serves as a leader in its industry or market because it directly identifies and eliminates a problem.

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